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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blog Tour Stop

R.M. Alexander
Veil of Secrecy and The Right One
Double Tour
Release date July 29th
Contemporary Romance

Blurb for Veil of Secrecy (Shadows, #1)

Rachel Brackett arrives in Sullivan, Montana with simple goals: relocate, settle an estate, and manage her own antique store. Her parents and friends back home called it running away. That’s just fine with her.

Rachel’s curiosity leads her into the forest, and she finds creatures who know more about her ominous heritage than she does. The creatures only exist in nightmares – grotesque mutants and shapeshifters. They seek vengeance for hideous crimes in genetic engineering, and Rachel is the prime target for retribution. While Rachel searches for the truth behind the family she never knew, a bounty hunter stalks her every move. Only Leonardo, a figure shrouded in the shadows, offers protection. A were lion with the perfect blend of human and feline features. Terrifying. Impossible. Alluring.

When Rachel’s home is ripped apart and a friend attacked, it’s clear there is no safe haven. She is no longer running from her past, but trying to survive to make it to her future.

Excerpt from Veil of Secrecy:

“My name is Leonardo. Please, do not come any closer.” The voice changed locations without stirring a single branch or crackling a single dried leaf.
Rachel turned, scanning her surroundings. “Why won’t you let me see you?”
"Do you need to see to know you are safe? Is it not enough that you are well after hours of unconsciousness?  Surely, if I intended to harm you, I would have done so already.” Without menace, the voice changed locations again, now almost directly behind her.
Rachel turned, scrutinizing the fading shadows for an outline, a hand or foot, anything to provide a hint of identity. “Yes, but then, how can I thank you for saving my life?”
“There is no thanks needed, but you have just done so without seeing me at all.”
Rachel glanced to the trees, noticing for the first time the tanagers and morning jays no longer sang. Only stark silence, a forest frozen with anticipation. Rubbing her arms, she dropped her gaze. Why does it feel so hard to breathe?
“You should leave now. There is nothing to fear in the sun – the Others hunt only at night.”
“The Others?” She slowly rotated, waiting for an answer or a clue, wondering if she was speaking to a ghost.  She almost smiled at the absurdity of the thought.
“Go south, following the slope. The thickness breaks in a couple miles. When it does, go east along the stream. You’ll come across a marked path which will lead you home.”
Rachel’s stomach swelled into her chest. “How do you know where I live?” Watching her, following her, made him a stalker. A threat.
A charged lull passed. “Do not come into these forests at night.  They are not safe.  And I can not guarantee your safety.”

Blurb for The Right One:

Big dreams take strength and determination.
Cami Lockhart’s dream is on the verge of becoming a reality. Lockhart Sanctuary, a refuge for abused and confiscated cats, is what Cami has worked for her entire life. But a dream that big requires a daily commitment. Cami yearns for someone to share the dream with, and knows everyone in town thinks Alex is the perfect man for the job. There’s one problem. She wants fireworks with every kiss, not just a friendship with a hint of something more.
Sometimes what you wish for is closer than you think.
Alex Reynolds shares Cami’s passion for the sanctuary, and at her head ranchhand, spends every day helping her dream come true. He longs to tell Cami she’s held his heart since childhood, but losing a lifetime of friendship is a big risk to take. Being by Cami’s side at the sanctuary is better than letting go, but Alex knows someday he’ll want more.
Risk losing everything or fight for the dreams to come true.
The sanctuary is put in jeopardy when ignored threats take a painful turn. Cami and Alex must each chose to stand and fight, or lose everything they dream of.

Excerpt The Right One

“Hey Alex! Which way are we going with this?” Mason, the youngest of the crew at only twenty-four, interrupted the tirade of thoughts, the final roll of fencing forcing a heavy lean.
                He pointed westward. “Head out that way first, then we’ll wrap back around.”
                “What’s the story between you and Ms. Lockhart?”
                “There is no story. We’ve been friends nearly our entire lives.”
                “You’re lucky man. She’s sure something to look at.”
                Alex’s nerves pricked. “And your boss. Remember respect.”
                Mason grimaced as he concentrated harder than needed at the fencing. “Sorry. Didn’t mean nothing.”
                “Maybe not, but keep that kind of talk for some place else, not here.”
                “Sorry,” Mason repeated and then fell silent.
                Alex sighed. Time to start dating again. Cami wasn’t the right one, despite how he felt about her. If she was, she’d be his. Playing the field would help him find the one, whoever she was. Then he could settle down, start a family.
                And there was nothing wrong with always being there for a friend.


RM Alexander is an author of Sweet / Clean Romances that are sometimes contemporary, sometimes paranormal or suspense, but are always ruled by the heart of true romance.

With characters who look for love in wrong places and are victims of the worse kind of betrayals while fighting for what they want and believe in, RM's novels promise a good read with unexpected twists and turns.

When she's not writing, RM is spending time with her husband and two small children in Michigan. She loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World, and can often be found on Twitter or Facebook chatting with other authors and fans.


1.  No coffee for me, thanks. But I love orange juice, and drink a gallon or more a week.
2.  My favorite place to vacation is Walt Disney World
3.  I was a travel agent in another life.
4.  I love chocolate, and my favorite is Ghiradelli dark with caramel.
5.  I’m eclectic in the music I listen to, anything from inspirational to instrumental to country and rock.
6.  My favorite book is 11/22/63 by Stephen King, but I also love Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks.
7.   My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. I watch it once a month or more.
8.  I listen to music when I write, watch TV while I edit.
9.  I’ve lived in three states: Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.
10.     I’ve always wanted to open a tiger sanctuary. The need is great, with too little help.

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The Right One:


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Monday, July 28, 2014

Blog Tour Stop

The Well House 
A Man's Incredible Journey To Save His Pregnant Wife From The Ultimate Evil.
Blog Tour From July 28th to August 1st 

The dream is back and Ben Carson is terrified. His pregnant wife, Anne, is locked in a coma and Ben is the only person who can save her, but he has no idea how to accomplish this. His dreams contain clues, but they make no sense. Ben can’t figure what a small white well house and black flying creatures have to do with Anne.

Then he meets a mysterious woman named Thelma Grippe. What he learns from Thelma shakes him to the core, but gives him the knowledge to free Anne from the force keeping her in the coma. Once he locates the

well house, Ben finds a passage to another dimension, where he searches for Anne. After a long, arduous journey, Ben faces the ultimate evil that holds Anne captive.

The Well House is an exciting, unique and thoughtful story of a man’s fight against unbelievable odds to save his wife. Part drama, part fantasy and part parable, The Well House is a multi-layered tale that takes readers on an amazing journey from the mountains above Boulder Colorado to the depths of the dark zone.

The Well House is the first novel by Michael S. Matassa, an attorney and Municipal Court Judge in Arvada, Colorado. He discovered the well house in the late summer of 1994, standing by a field of corn on a small farm just south of Brighton Colorado, where it still stands today. Mr. Matassa studied at Regis College in Denver and the University of Colorado School of law. He has also written several short stories, a screenplay and is presently working on a sequel to The Well House and a ghost story called “The Baby Carriage.” He writes under the pen name of M. S. Matassa.

would you like to tell everyone about you that they wouldn't already know from
reading your books?
I am an attorney, municipal court judge and now
an author. I am 68 years old and live in Arvada Colorado. I was married for 42
years and my wife is deceased. I
have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. I graduated from Regis College in
Denver and obtained my law degree from the University of Colorado in
Boulder.  I coached youth club soccer for
15 years and am a Denver Broncos fan
inspired you to write your first book?
I always wanted to write a novel but never had the time when I was
working and raising a family.
I first saw the real
well house in 1994 on Hwy 85 south of Brighton Colorado and I had this idea
that it would be interesting if I went inside
well house
 and it was a huge room even though it was a
6x5 structure on the outside.  The story developed over the years in my
mind and on paper into what it is today.  It didn't take 20 years to write 
but the story sat around for a long time. I finally got more serious in the last few years and decided to
finish it.  This is really a personal story with many elements from my
life interspersed throughout; so I was rather apprehensive about letting the
world see what I had written. I decided that 2014 was the right time for me to
publish the book.
you have a specific writing style?
My writing style is straightforward and descriptive. I develop the
story in my mind over several months and then write the book like I am watching
a movie. When I start a chapter I have a general idea what I want to write but
at least 50% of what makes it to the page happens as I write. I always say that
the story writes itself. I make a brief outline of what each chapter will deal
with after I develop the story in my mind. Then I just start writing and see
where the story goes. I generally know where I want the story to end up but how
I get there is always a surprise.  I like
to write mostly short chapters of 4 to 6 pages, so readers have a place to
easily break. That's the way I like to read. And I also want to make sure the
story has a satisfying ending. My stories are a mix of reality and fantasy,
which overlap each other to keep the reader guessing.
did you come up with the title?
The main focus of the book is the well house. It is a portal to
another dimension. The well house actually exists on Highway 85 in Adams County
Colorado. It is a small structure that houses a water pump that pumps the well
water to the fields next to it.  I never
considered any other name because the name is mysterious and the well house is
the central character in the book. I visited the well house and the neighboring
cemetery a month ago to scout the location as I prepared to start the sequels.
do you want your readers to get out of your novels?
My main aim is to give the readers an interesting story that will
keep their attention until the end. At the end of the book, I want the reader
to feel he/she experienced an interesting story with a satisfying ending. If
this is the case, then I feel my writing was successful.
However, all my books have multiple themes that can further
enhance the reader's enjoyment. I come from a religious/spiritual background,
so I intersperse elements of spirituality in my stories along with multiple
themes.  I want the reader to have
whatever experience they personally get out of the book whether it is the basic
story or whether they can follow one of the other themes. In "The Well
House", I there are at least 5 themes that people who have read the book
have discovered.
the book mostly fantasy or do you think these situations could actually happen?
book takes place in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado, in the cities of
Boulder, Denver, and Wheat Ridge and on highway 85 in Adams county Colorado.
All of the locations referred to in the book are real locations.  The rest of the book takes place in another
dimension called the dream world and the dark zone.
that happens in the real world can definitely happen. Much of what happens in
the other dimension is a parable of the struggles that people encounter in
their real, daily lives.  The events that
occur in the other dimension are a fantasy I created but what happens
represents real issues that people can encounter. This story is a unique look
at the age-old conflict between good and evil. So looking at this book as a
parable of the conflict of good versus evil, yes, much of it can really happen.
the experiences fact based or from your imagination?
Many of the experiences in the book are actual events that
happened to me. This book was a catharsis for me to be able to address many
issues that had troubled me through my life. It was a great experience to be
able to write about things that had bothered me for years. When I go to book
club discussions/signings, I am asked questions about different aspects of the
book and I enjoy letting people know how and why I wrote what I did. It is
other authors do you feel have had the most influences on you as both a reader
and a writer?
            Stephen King, Michael
Crichton and Dan Brown

book are you reading now?
Sleep by Stephen King

are your current projects?
            I am writing two sequels to
"The Well House".  The first
sequel takes place about 7 years after the end of "The Well
House".  It will be the middle book
of a trilogy and is tentatively named "The Well House, Book 2: Jack's
Revenge".  It will not end well for
the Carson family.  I will write the
third book immediately after the second book and it is tentatively named  "The Well House, Book 3: Taylor's
            If you like the
first book, you will definitely like the next two. The second book is meaner
and more sinister. The last book will try to put the family back together. I am
hoping that the three books taken together will provide quite a ride for the
readers. After I finish the trilogy, I have a ghost story in mind. Also I have
several short stories that I may publish.

you see writing as a career?
            At this point I have had a
career as an attorney and a municipal court judge.  I would love to write full time but I don't
see that I could make enough income from writing, so I will probably continue
to work in the legal field and see how the writing develops. I'm definitely not
ready to retire and intend to write more novels.
designed the cover?
            I published my book through
Outskirts Press and hired a cover artist through them. His name is Lewis Agrell
and he is a very imaginative and talented cover designer. I gave him my ideas
and a  synopsis of the book and he
created a cover that perfectly represents the themes in the book and everyone
seems to love it.

you have any advice for other writers?
            If you have a story you
believe in, then follow your gut feeling and start writing. Then re-read and
re-edit until you are satisfied with your product. Then have a professional
editor edit the book.  I have 8 versions
of "The Well House", probably because I was an inexperienced writer.
Then I hired a professional editor to clean up my writing. Also I suggest that
any writer who is not an English major read books on how to write fiction:
beginnings, middles, ends and first 50 pages. Then read novels in your
genre.  You really need to learn the
craft of writing in addition to having an imaginative mind before you dare try
to publish a book. But if you really want to publish a novel don't give up.

comes first? The character's story, or, the idea for the novel?
            I generally come up with the
idea for the novel, then develop a general plot, then add characters to the
story. Once I have a good idea of the story in my head, I turn the characters
loose on the page and let them go where the story leads them. I am always
surprised at what they do

you done any promotional tours for your books?
            I have attended several book
club discussions and book signings. It was a great experience for me to talk
with a room full of people who had read my book. I have received great feedback
and am amazed at how different people read the same story but focus in on
different aspects of the story. It also helps me know what the readers liked in
the book, which will help me in writing the sequels. I also have a Blog tour
set up and an Internet radio interview.

did you first consider yourself a writer?
            I considered myself an
author when I first held the paperback version of the book in my hands and read
the words on the book's pages that I had only seen in manuscript form. That was
an amazing feeling. Now I need to work on the craft of writing so that I can be
an accomplished writer. That part may never happen but I'm definitely going to
try to keep improving my writing.

you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
            Thank you to everyone who
has gotten and read the book. I truly appreciate my readers because without
their support, my stories would only exist in my head.  Readers let me share my stories with the

there anything else that you would like to add?
            I invite you to take a
journey through the well house if you dare. Enjoy the ride.

above, Taylor heard a shrill scream and he opened his eyes again. Circling over
the house were several black shapes that made Taylor freeze with fear. He
stayed still on the lounge chair, pretending to be asleep.
  Taylor heard footsteps on the deck and looked
out of the corner of his eye in the direction of the sound. One of the black
creatures had landed about five feet from the lounge chair and walked slowly
toward him. Taylor continued to lie still, not daring to move. The creature
hopped up on the frame of the chair and opened its mouth. Taylor smelled a
sulfurous stench, making his stomach turn.
the creature inched forward, Taylor could no longer keep still. He bolted from
the lounge chair, yelling as loudly as he could, "Get the hell out of here.”
black creature jumped off the lounge chair and began circling to Taylor's left.
The creature was the size of a large raven, covered with feathers and scales.
Its beak gaped open in a hideous smile; its eyes glowed with a pale red cast.
The wings were held out slightly from the body, as if the creature was trying
to cool itself. Taylor moved back a step and noticed he was surrounded by seven
of these hideous things. They formed a tight circle around him. He was trapped.
Taylor stomped his feet in hopes that the creatures would take off, but they
stood their ground. Taylor kicked the closest creature, sending it flying
across the deck into the wall of the house, where it landed with a sickening
thud. It appeared to be unconscious, but in a few seconds the scaly creature
regained its senses and walked back to its original place in the circle.
do you want?" Taylor yelled.
creatures started to shriek, causing Taylor to cover his ears. The pain was
excruciating and Taylor fell to his knees. Immediately the sound stopped.
Taylor saw that the creatures were changing shape. Their legs and torsos
elongated; their bodies took human form. Taylor stood frozen with fear. The
creature in front of him was now six feet tall and looked like a muscular soldier
covered with black scaly armor. A raven’s head was perched on top of the human
body; a red lizard-like tongue darted in and out of the large black beak. Human
arms and hands covered with black scales extended out from under the large
wings. Taylor felt strong hands grab him from behind and bind his arms to his
sides. He struggled, but was unable to move. 
The largest creature approached and stopped within a few inches of
Taylor's face. Taylor looked into the eyes and could see flames flickering deep
in the sockets. The creature opened its mouth as if to speak, then breathed
into Taylor's face. A sick feeling rose in his stomach from the acidic stench.
His legs gave way, but strong hands held him upright.
you scared, boy?" the creature asked sarcastically.
couldn't speak.
me, you piece of crap."
raised his head and whispered, "I'm not scared."
hear you, boy!” the creature said.
not scared,” Taylor yelled.
you should be, boy, cause we're going to hurt you real bad. And then when your
father comes home we're going to have a barbecue. The main course will be
roasted Ben Carson. I bet you didn't think you were going to have Dad for lunch
today, did you, boy?"
are you?" Taylor asked.
a bunch of guys out for a little fun. Oh, by the way, your momma's dead, and so
is the baby."
up, you bastard,” Taylor screamed.
creature let out a demonic laugh and grabbed Taylor by the front of his shirt.
"My boss doesn't like what your dad has been doing, so he sent us to give
him a message.  Tell your dad to forget
the rescue. The bitch and the baby are ours. He'll know what we mean."
your boss?" Taylor asked.
large creature let go of Taylor's shirt and walked to the edge of the deck.
"My boss is evil, not someone to screw with. That's all you need to
creature turned, walked back to Taylor and said to the others, "Hold his
two of the creatures grabbed Taylor grabbed his head and held it immobile. The
black creature standing behind Taylor tightened its grip on his arms. Taylor
tried to struggle, but could not move. He had never felt such power.
well, boy,” the large one said softly. "When your father comes home, tell
him about our visit. Let him know he is to stop all plans to save your mother.
In return, both you and he will live a long, successful life. I guarantee
creature moved his face close to Taylor's face. "Look into my eyes. Do you
see the flames?  This is serious stuff,
boy. Any questions?"
said in a shaky voice, "No, I understand."
the creature said. "Oh, one more thing. I'm going to leave you with
something so your dad knows we are serious."
     With the speed of a snake, the creature
inserted its open black beak into Taylor's right eye socket, grabbing the
eyeball, and crushing it slowly.
creature withdrew the beak and spit the crushed eyeball on the ground.
now the other.”
screamed as the beak slid into the left eye socket, crushing the remaining
eyeball. The other creatures released their grip and Taylor fell in a heap on
the wooden deck. The creatures shrank to their original size, and one by one
lifted off the deck and headed north.
put his hands to his face and felt warm liquid flowing from his eyes. He opened
his eyelids, but no light reached his brain. In the distance, Taylor heard the
motor of his father's VW winding up the canyon.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

AND ANNOUNCING .... Our First YouTube Reading.

I wanted to do something new for you, something you haven't seen at other blogs. After brainstorming, the thought of reading the first chapter of some books might be a good option. This has been a long time coming, but I'm happy to announce this new feature is now LIVE on YouTube, starting with Mary Cope's Beautiful One.

I hope you enjoy!!!

Beautiful One by Mary Cope

Today's Feature Book

Today we're featuring Mary Cope and her book, Beautiful One. Check out the Feature page for more, and check back later today for a bit of a surprise.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The event starts TODAY!!!

It starts today! You don't want to miss it!

Here's the schedule - 

1 Sydney Logan..............Mon. July 14 4 - 6 pm EDT2 Jim Cangany................Mon. July 14 6 - 8 EDT3 Brooke Williams..........Mon July 14 8 - 10pm EDT
4 Melissa Turner Lee....Tues. July 15 4 - 6 pm EDT
5 Christi Corbett.............Tues July 15 6 - 8 EDT
6 Nicole Zoltack..............Tues. July 15 8 - 10pm EDT
7 Debby Lee....................Wed. July 16 2 - 4pm EDT
8 LaVerne St. George....Wed. July 16 4 - 6 pm EDT
9 Darcy Flynn...................Wed. July 16 6 - 8 EDT
10 Beth Barany...............Wed. July 16 8 - 10pm EDT
11 Wendy Knight............Thurs. July 17 4 - 6 pm EDT
12 Cindy Flores Martinez.....Thurs. July 17 6 - 8 EDT
13 Patricia Kiyono..........Thurs. July 17 8 - 10pm EDT
14 Donna King Weaver...Friday July 18 4 - 6 pm EDT
15 Pauline Creeden........Friday July 18 6 - 8 EDT
16 Beth Honeycutt............Friday July 18 8 - 10pm EDT
17 Shereen Vedam.........Saturday July 19 2 - 4pm EDT
18 Kristine Tate...............Saturday July 19 4 - 6 pm EDT
19 Author Susan Stoker.....Saturday July 19 6 - 8 EDT
20 SURPRISE!!!!.................Saturday July 19 8-10 EDT

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Feature Book

Check out the Feature Book for today's feature book, What Dreams May Come by Beth Honeycutt!

Friday, July 4, 2014

It's Official!!!!!

First, let me start by wishing you all a Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday!!!

Now ... 


From July 15-19th, Sweetly Clean Romances will be hosting our first event, featuring some awesome Clean Authors. Look for the official schedule to be announced early next week, and plan on being there. It is going to be FUN!!!!



Brooke Williams
Nicole Zoltack
Darcy Flynn
Pauline Creeden
Cindy Flores Martinez
Wendy Knight 
Christi Corbett
Shereen Vedam
Susan Stoker
Debby Lee
LaVerne St. George
Jim Cangany
Donna K Weaver
Patricia Kiyono

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Four Letter Words in Clean Romance

Clean romance typically doesn't have strong cursing in the pages of the story. When I first started out, it was something I didn't realize. My books didn't have language in them simply because we don't talk that way in our home, so why write that way? 

Since the release of Matter of Choice, I've had some tell me, why not put this expletive here or that one there - it'll raise the intensity of the situation. I shrug those kind of comments off. Over the years, I've had arguments without the use of those words that were plenty heated. In fact, a scene isn't dictated by the words alone, but by the emotions, actions, and body language fueling the scene. No colorful language needed. 

The only time I ever have struggles with writing without the use of swearing are for characters who would likely use them in real life. That can be a challenge - how to stay true to a characterization while censoring how they say things? But the truth is, it still can be done. Substituting words for others, and showing menacing gestures, etc. still achieves the same needed effect. 

Do I stand firm on my decision of what words are used in my books. Absolutely. 

What about you, my fellow clean authors? And what about you, our valued readers? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.