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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sweetly Clean Romances Giveaway

Guess what? You'll never guess. Are you ready for this? I am doing a giveaway! That's right. Every day you will have a chance to win something from a clean romance author. How cool is that?

Now, to enter, you have to go to our Facebook page at

And click on the giveaway icon at the top of the page. The entries are open from 9am to midnight each day. One winner will be chosen at random, and announced the following morning here and on the FB page. 

Now say you don't win.

Don't worry. Because this is a DAILY giveaway - at least for the next week. Each day will be a new author, and a fresh chance to win. What do you think of that?

That means lots of chances to win, and I WANT you to win.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why Sweet Romances?

There's no doubt about it. Sex sells. You don't have to turn the TV on, look at a billboard ad or open an erotica to know that. And the tide is never going to truly change. But sweet and clean romances still have their place, and are gaining popularity. Why? Some say it's because they are like a breath of fresh air, a break from the panting and clawing found in a good majority of romances. Some say it's because the publishing world runs in cycles, and that's true. It does. But I also think it's because we all remember our first love, or the start of every relationship when it's careful, precious, new.

And you don't have to blush, hide the cover from your kids, or skim parts of the story that make you flinch.

But there is still the misconception that these kind of romances are unrealistic. Sex is a part of adult relationship, so why exclude it from the novel? There are just as many reasons: some people prefer not to read the blushing parts of a story, some feel it cheapens the story. And some just feel there's more to the love story than the physical.

Truly, sweet /clean romances are far from unrealistic. In fact, in some ways, maybe they are more realistic. They contain just as much as human connection, trials, and emotion as any story with the sex. They portray the deeper connection between two people we all long for. They portray the trials families face when a child is sick or the fight for a marriage that is barely holding on. The story line possibilities are endless, because heartfelt romances take place anywhere, especially when it's not limited to "what sells".

And perhaps that's why readers are looking for something more than what eroticas have to offer.

What are your thoughts? What makes you want to read clean stories? Don't be shy. I don't bite.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Guest Blogger: Kathy Bosman

We have a guest with us today, Author Kathy Bosman!  

Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter contest at the end!

Welcome Kathy!

Today is the second blog post for my Dragonfly Moments birthday tour. I'm very grateful to Robin Alexander for hosting me on her wonderful new blog for sweet and clean romance. We need more blogs like hers.

I’m excited to announce that my dragonfly swag gifts have been made. I spent the whole of yesterday watching movies and making them. What a fun day it was!

Dragonfly Moments was my first novel with Decadent Publishing. It came out in May 2013 so I’m celebrating my first book with the Ubuntu Line. The Ubuntu Line is about African stories. I also love that yesterday was Freedom Day here in South Africa. We have a public holiday (or bank holiday as you may call it) here today because of Freedom Day. That’s the day when Apartheid was broken down – the day we all went to vote – the day when black people were allowed to vote, too. Somehow, I don’t remember that day so much. The day I remember was in 1994, when the white people were asked to go to the polling stations to vote “yes” or “no.” We had to decide whether we wanted the blacks to be given freedom to vote or not. “Yes” obviously meant “yes.” Thank God it was an overwhelming “yes.” Our country was steeped in injustice, violence was simmering beneath the surface and I had encountered it first hand, and everything was just not right. I’ll never forget that day for as long as I live.


Seven years earlier, a young and serious Tessa Calitz wrote a letter to free spirit Ryan le Roux promising her undying love. As time passed she forgot about that letter...but Ryan did not.

When he walks back into her life, Tessa is in a relationship and busy setting up her art gallery in Johannesburg. She has plans to start a family, and the arrival of Ryan throws her for a spin. He is the worst thing that could happen to her dream of stability...or is he?

When everything she clung to starts to crumble, Ryan is right beside her to inspire her to greater things. But her compulsion for having marriage and children on her terms alone pushes Ryan away--until she falls in love with an orphaned baby.

What can Ryan do to make Tessa realize that being with him is what her heart has longed for all along?

Here's a trailer of the book for a foretaste: Dragonfly Moments Book Trailer

Buy Links:

Where to find me online:

If you click on the Rafflecopter link below, you could either win the grand prize of a $15 Amazon voucher or one of 5 dragonfly swag bags. I've made beautiful beaded necklaces in a variety of colours and designs - one for each bag.

Here's a pic of one of them:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feature Book: The Friendship Star Quilt

Check out the Feature Book page for the next feature book, The Friendship Star Quilt.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I'm Working One

I'm so excited. I've had some wonderful authors contact me about posted their ads, reviews, and YouTube readings. I'm soon going to be sharing featured books and reviews for authors like Brooke Williams, Hazel Robinson, Kathy Bosman, Cindy Flores, Ruth Roberts, Sharon Kleve, Patricia Kiyono and more. 

I'm also working on putting together a calender so you know what to expect each day of the week. If you prefer contemporary, you'll know when the come for that, and the same for promotional lists and other things. Right now, it's looking something like this: 

Monday: Contemporary Romance
Wednesday: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Thursday: Thriller/Suspense
Friday: Excerpts / Women's Fiction
Saturday: Promotional Lists
Sunday: Inspirational

Keep checking back. It's a work in progress but I'm getting there!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What is Sweet / Clean Romance?

A lot of people don't understand what sweet / clean romance is. They think because it's sweet / clean, it must be inspirational. And what's up with the sweet / clean anyway?

Nope, there's no pictures, and no sex, either. That's what sweet / clean romances are. But truly, that's all there is to it. No detailed, "pink parts" (as I saw one small press company state) scenes. There can be light petting, kissing, and light making out. But the idea is, it doesn't make you blush while you read it.

But sweet / clean romances are still very much written for women, not children. The relationships, which drive the story, are deep and tender. Sweet romances are usually looked at as being a sweet, falling in love story between two people, with obstacles, but they are usually about the freshness and excitement of falling in love with someone, and how the relationship develops. Sweet romances are usually not dark stories. 

A clean romance is looked at as being a little different. There is still no explicit sex, but the plot is generally darker, and therefore, the author doesn't feel the "sweet" label fits. 

An inspirational is a novel that is faith-based fiction. To be faith-based, the novel must have the values of that faith. One way to look at it is this: An inspirational novel is always sweet, a sweet / clean romance is not always an inspirational. 

But mostly, the sweet / clean label is used almost interchangeably. What you can be sure of is that when you pick up one of these books, you'll swept away by emotions. And when you come to the end of the story, you'll feel good about what you just read, and want to start all over. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Opened for Business!

Welcome! As an author and reader of Clean Romances, one thing I've noticed is the lack of visibility this wonderful genre has. So what to do about it? Well, with the way my mind goes, it simply means creating a place to help the genre in my own little way. Thus, the birth of Sweetly Clean Romances.

I'm still working on building things here, so we might start out slow. But if you stay with me, I know it won't take any time at all for us to be running at break neck speeds. So hold on to your hearts - you're in for a lot of swooning, heart-melting, shaky knees, and book boyfriends. And most of all, fun!