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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hope for Dreams

I was reading an article in the Huffington Post about a woman who, after a terrible accident, spent a good deal of time in the hospital. Reading some books and about the authors who wrote them, the woman realized she, too, could write and publish a novel. Now, she's a bestselling author. 

You're mind is starting to see you a little like this, isn't it?

My confession? My story is similar. No major accidents or long hospital stays for me. But I was writing the upcoming novel, Veil of Secrecy, when I read about authors who were stay at home moms and on the brink of homelessness when they hit it big. And not that I was trying to "hit it big" (although it would be okay if I did LOL!), but I realized, these are regular, everyday woman (and men - don't want to exclude the guys here) who were finding their voices and connecting with an audience to tell the stories within. 

That doesn't mean it's easy. 

When I first started shopping MS's, I'll admit - and hang my head in shame - that I expected everyone would love my story as much I did and "The Call" would come quickly. Not only did it not come quickly, but it didn't come at all. Oh, I had a couple of agents request fulls, but "The Call" never came. And here's my other confession: As I now prepare that same MS for indie release, I understand why. It's tellie (cool made up word, isn't it?) and wordy. Thank goodness for the editing and revision process, and break, so I can now see why I never heard from an agent. 

The truth is, the road to publication is long and hard. Most authors spend more than the average full time work week writing, polishing, and re-polishing their work. After that, there's the marketing, which you need to read as "business" side of publishing. Very few just punch out a few words and hit the publish button (I'll touch on this more on next Tuesday Article). Being an author takes dedication, a strong work ethic, patience and a thick skin. Trust me, the thick skin is a necessity. But if you can do all this, and have a good story in your head that you're willing to take advice on how to make it even better (the editing and revision process in a nutshell), then you, too, can see those writing dreams become a reality. 

Then, you'll be this: 

To read the article in the Huffington Post, go here

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  1. But never surrender. Just keep writing and keep learning, so you can get better.