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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Bullying is everywhere, it seems, but it has more than trickled into the Indie world of publishing. I talked a couple weeks ago about Indie vs. Traditional publishing and the prejudice existing against indies in some circles. But there is another issue, and that's the bullying that takes place WITHIN the indie world. 

A few months ago, I saw the issue first with another indie author who was quitting the publishing world because of bullies who were tearing about her work and talent as an author. At that time, I posted a good long rant on my author FB page, and I was so sad to see this happening. Now another author has brought it out into the light, a friend of mine, T.E. Ridener. You can check out her blog entry here (If profanity offends you, this article does have light cursing in it - just wanted to give you the heads up :) )

I'm a mom, so I'm going to say this in the best mommy voice I have to those doing this: CUT IT OUT! 

Listen, everyone is cool enough to be at this party. As I've mentioned before, the Indie community is a small one, and mostly, a close one. What's happening doesn't help the community out, it hurts it. And that is not cool.

Writers, we are a unique bunch. We are the ones that were picked on in school, we were the ones that didn't hang out in the cool crowds, and we know how that feels to not fit in. So why oh why are we doing it to one another now? Does it accomplish anything at all? 

Readers, please don't get the wrong idea about us indies. For the most part, it is a supportive group, the kind that reaches out to others, gives 'em that little push when the doubts get the better of them, and trust me, doubts get the better of every author. 

And if you are one of those that have been singled out by someone else, don't give up. Don't give in. You have a voice and it is as gifted as anyone else's. And ... 

When phrases like "You should die" are put out there because someone didn't agree with the writing, it's easier said then done to ignore it, but maybe us authors need to look at it another way. We write to evoke emotion, a response, to get people to hear what those voices in our heads are saying. That strong of a reaction, as misguided and just plain mean as it is, is a reaction. So keep writing - don't let the few destroy your creativity for the larger group. Listen to those who have reached out to you in the past with encouragement and support - they are the ones that matter. 

And the rest of this - IT NEEDS TO STOP. I can't say that loud or strong enough. We are better than this, or if not, we should be. Because the thing is, we don't have all agree about the political environment or religious views, or even if your socks are as cool as my socks. I have wonderful writing friends that don't write what I write, or belief what I belief, or come from where I come from. And that's okay. Because without their support and guidance, regardless of these other things, I wouldn't be where I am today. And that's the truth.

So pick your balls back up, and let's get back out there in the field. Play nice, and have fun!

My love to you all :)

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  1. That's just crazy. Overall, my experience with other writers is that they have been the most supportive group I would ever want to meet. Sad that a few can spoil things.