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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Blog Tour Stop Day #2

Someone Always Loved You

by Brooke Williams



          The bright yellow taxi nearly took the curve on two wheels.  She told the driver that getting there fast was a matter of life or death.  She just didn’t want to lose her own life in the process.  She thought longingly of her car, up on blocks at the mechanics where it had been stationed for nearly a week.  Glancing out the window and seeing another curve coming, she cursed herself for not maintaining her vehicle properly.  Bracing herself for the turn, she held back tears as the phone call re-played itself in her mind.
          “Mrs. James?”
          “This is Memorial Hospital. Your husband had a heart attack. He just arrived a few moments ago…his condition is critical.”
          “Is he going to be okay?”
          “We just don’t know at this point.”
          She clenched her eyes shut as she remembered how her own heart nearly stopped beating as she heard those words….heart attack…critical condition…don’t know.
          The taxi had to get her there.  She needed to tell him before it was too late.  Even if he didn’t live, he had to know before he died.  Even if he couldn’t hear her, she was going to try.
          As she thought about the exact words she would use, the taxi jolted to a stop across from the towering emergency building.  She glanced at its massive presence with a sense of dread.        
She threw bills at the driver, not waiting for change.  After the fancy curve work, the driver deserved every extra penny.  In her rush, she didn’t bother to look both ways.  In her terror, she didn’t hear the siren.
*        *        *        *
          It was his first day on the job.  He had studied the maps for days at a time and he knew the city streets better than the back of his hand.  He knew the fastest routes at every time of day.  His first passenger would not die on his clock.  Not a chance.  With the siren blaring, he drove swiftly, but gently, so the emergency medical technician in the back could work without disruption.
          “She’s losing a lot of blood, Jay,” the EMT shouted.  “We gotta get there fast, man!”
          “Not a problem,” Jay replied.  “I called ahead.  They have her blood type ready.  Plus we’re already there.”
          Jay only glanced back for a moment.  He just wanted to see the look on the seasoned EMT’s face as the man realized he’d just taken the quickest ambulance ride of his career right through the city during rush hour. 
The woman darted out of nowhere.  In his glory, Jay never saw her. 
          The second he looked away had been one second too long.  As his eyes fastened back on the road ahead, the ambulance pulled under the emergency room over hang, and he caught the worry in her eyes an instant before the impact.  The sickening sound jolted him backward into his seat.  

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